What is Model Share?

With Mendix Model Share you can easily share live app models with others, embed them in websites, blog or forum posts and instantly re-use them in other models. This allows you to easily collaborate with other developers, share your work with a single click, ask questions about it or re-use complete model parts from others.

Share live models

Easily share any microflow online with a single click:

  • Open the microflow you want to share
  • Click 'Share' button and publish your app model

Embed anywhere

Add a live microflow to your blog posts, documentation or website:

  • Copy the embedded text from the Model Share page
  • Paste into any HTML-compliant space: blogs, tutorials, forums

Collaborate and learn

Ask questions and get help from others with live, executable models including all model details:

  • Copy a Model Share URL by clicking the 'copy' button
  • Paste the URL into your Mendix Forum question

Re-use instantly

Copy and paste fully executable, visual model parts into your app model - just like you would do with code and textual programming languages:

  • Copy a Model Share URL by clicking the 'copy' button
  • Paste the URL directly in the Mendix Business Modeler